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this is my room!

It’s my last week of course and I am starting to feel melancholic and solemn. Next week I’ll be returning to the real workplace. I realized the worst part about it is the countless inevitable interactions with people that you really dislike.

Anyway, I went to Muji and tried out this shirt. Loved the strips and colours but I am on a budget. Bought this cheap magazine called Frankie at Kinokuniya.

Anyway I read this article about writers sharing about their experiences on doing something that they would never do. For example, run a marathon, strip nude for a photoshoot,

So let’s give it a try. On the last day of exam, I remember myself studying in the library and my friend called and asked if i want to go Thailand tomorrow. I surprised myself and said yes. I always had the impression that I put a lot of care and thought into big decisions but I was just reckless and carefree and said yes straight away. So after my final paper, I went home, bought the air ticket and flew to Thailand the next day.

When my family were informed of my sudden decision, they were astonished. Like how could anyone just set off with preparing in advance? There was the passport expiration, the travel insurance, the hotel accommodation. But I just did what I felt like and it was just liberating.

I guess one of the reason why I am recollecting this is that I can never be so carefree and make decisions without a thought for its implications. Now that I am serving the army, I can never set off on such a spontaneous escapade. When I am done with my army term, I have a lot of financial considerations when it comes to flying abroad. How I miss the recklessness of youth..

Now that I shared my experience, how about my writer friends try this out.. izkeh and arramelsyn write about something you never thought you would do

I tried running at the gym today but I had a shin split on my outer left ankle. It is so frustrating when you are so eager to run and sweat it out but such nitty gritty injury comes in the way. Stage problem with me is I always rush into the run without proper warming up and stretching. I am too impatient for that so now I am serving my retribution.

Anyway I looked through a list of voluntary organizations in Singapore. To make my time fruitful and productive, I decided to volunteer after office hours. But the problem is volunteering at these organizations is only available after office hours. I also faced problems searching for an organisation that is located near to me and is driven towards a cause that I empathize with. Like for example, troubled teens, suicide prevention, tutoring.
I am not too interested in animal welfare although I love animals and went vegan for 10months to make a statement against animal abuse.
I am not too interested in old folks home but I guess such organizations are the only ones that work after office hours.

This week has been really awesome so far. Great food and slow walks, and I have been thinking about overseas trips. I have a limited sum of money to splurge and I am caught in between a holiday before university starts and spreading the money over the 4 years of studies.

I believe this dilemma indicates my character and uncertainty of direction. I want to be reckless and carefree and spend the money without too much deliberation. After all, this is the prime time to go on a holiday; I am young and curious.
But I also want to be financially independent during my university days. I don’t want to sulk over financial troubles while worrying over academic work.

That’s all for now. There no use thinking so much, when the time comes, intuition takes over..